GM-free food and feed production

GM-free food and feed production

GM-free food production plays an important role in the conventional sector in Austria. Therefore EASY-CERT services GmbH offers a feed search for certified animal feed products that may be used in the production of GMO-free food. For each feed product a declaration of conformity can be generated independently at any time.

The legal basis for this service is the Codex Alimentarius Austriacus guideline concerning the definition of GMO-free production and the appropriate labeling of food products.

Codexrichtlinie Österreich konsolidierte Fassung (in German)

This guideline regulates provisions concerning food products which, through labeling, packaging, advertising or official documentation, create the impression that the food product is free from GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or from products made from or with GMOs. The guideline covers claims such as “made without genetic engineering”, “made without genetically modified ingredients”, “GMO-free”, “non-GMO”, “non-GM”, “not genetically modified” “non-genetically engineered ingredients”, as well as “not fed with genetically modified feeds” or similar claims.

For some ingredients for food production it is necessary to fill in the following datasheet: