Product submission

Product submission

As part of our evaluation work, the suitability for organic production is assessed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/848 as amended.

Please note that all input products that are evaluated and listed by EASY-CERT services must meet the general legal requirements in Austria.
The competent federal authorities are responsible for assessing the marketability of the products in accordance with the relevant laws. You find more information on the website of the Austrian Federal Office for Food Safety (BAES), see

For the registration of inputs for organic agriculture in Austria, data sheets are available in the following areas. Additionally we have compiled an information sheet for companies that are submitting a product to us for the first time. All data sheets for the registration of the products as well as further documents can be submitted by mail to


Plant protection products

Cleaning agents including disinfectants and hygiene agents (in German)

Parasite control (in German)

For the listing of feedstuffs, a certificate from an organic inspection body recognised by the EU is required

Products for food processing:
For the evaluation and listing of food additives and processing aids we need a specification and GMO declaration of compliance.

For organic ingredients a certificate from an organic inspection body recognised by the EU is required.